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Are You A Plant Killer?
Stop The Madness!

by Sher Holloway

dead houseplant

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Learn how to keep your houseplants alive.

Are you a plant killer? Do your friends refer to you as the plant executioner? Does your local greenhouse have a wanted poster of you out front? If so, this article is for you!

Quick tips to turn your thumb green:

Plants need room to grow.
A sure fire plant killer is allowing the roots to become crowded. Make sure the container you are using is big enough to allow for growth. Otherwise they get all claustrophobic and nobody wants that.

If you're cold, your plant is cold, too.
Maintaining a fairly steady temperature is best when growing plants. Avoid putting your green friends in drafty places. If you think it's chilly, so do they.

Shed some light on the subject.
Put your plants as near to sunny windows as possible for optimum growth. If you have an area that's sunny and warm in your house, this is the perfect place for some lovely plants. If you notice your plant becoming thin and reaching toward the light, PANIC! Ok, you don't have to panic, but do take notice. It's using plant sign language to tell you it needs to be closer to the sunshine.

The drinks are on you.
Watering can cause perfectly lovely people to become plant serial killers. They either water too little or too much. Here's how to tell when and how much to water. Stick your finger in the dirt about an inch or so. In most cases, water your plant when the soil is slightly dry and give it enough water so that it comes out the holes at the bottom of your containter somewhat.

To fertilize or not to fertilize.
That is the question. Most avid plant growers do use some sort of fertilizer, but that's a matter of preference. If you choose to use fertilizer, visit your local greenhouse and ask questions about what to use and how much.

Chit chat.
When I was a little girl, my green thumb Granny used to encourage me to talk to her plants. She swore it made them grow. She had the most beautiful plants of anyone in our town and I'm positive to this day it's because I sang to them on a regular basis. So go ahead. Talk to your green friends. It's cheaper than a therapist!

Sher Holloway is an Executive Distributor for PlantMakers. If you love plants, but you're a plant killer, visit right away.

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