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Using Gardening in Schools

by Garden Moose

How to use gardens in schools

Explore a unique enrichment project for students.

Okay, your school has had bake sales, car washes, or some other normal type of fundraiser for their classroom, but why not try something completely different? Why not have your kids grow plants that can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening? You can raise money for class trips, class needs and for other special school needs while allowing parents to enjoy their purchases as well! Your children will learn about soil, caring and taking pride in their project, how to work outdoors, and the overall appreciation for nature. During the school year, set up a field trip to a local botanical garden where they can see how it all comes together. They will soon learn that the garden is not just a place on the ground where their mom plants carrots and beans.

You will want to start early enough in the school year to allow the plants time to grow. Choose good terra cotta pots, good nutritional soils, and several plant types that are sure to grow. In addition, if you have 25 kids in your class, you might want to grow 30 plants just in case something happens to one of the others.

Give each child a terra cotta pot and some environmentally safe paints, glitter, material, ribbons, whatever you like, to decorate. Then each child is responsible for the feeding, watering, and general care of its plant. Of course you will provide them some instructions so the plants don't get too much TLC.

Use this as an opportunity to teach and create something out of the ordinary. The kids will be amazed how each week they can watch their own little plant grown. You might even consider a log posted on the room's wall where they can each track the growth of their plant in inches.

Once the plants have all grown, prepare for your sale. Work with a local merchant where you can proudly display your plants or have an auction. Allow the kids to participate in the preparation for the sale as well. Create beautiful posters to be displayed at your event, and flyers, which the kids can pass out. As each child sees their plant go to its new home, they will have found a new appreciation for the beauty of gardening.

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