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9 Secrets of Successful Organizers

by Barbara Myers

organized woman with list

These tips will help you get organized and stay organized.

You can reduce your stress and enjoy more
time for yourself and your family. Discover
these nine secrets to getting and staying

1. Keep like items together. Keep cutting boards,
knives, peelers and vegetable brushes together
near the sink. Place all manicure/pedicure supplies
in a basket.

2. Store things where you use them. Keep extra
sheets in bedrooms, videos near the TV, and
cleaning supplies on every floor.

3. Make frequently used items easily accessible
and rarely-used items less accessible. If you use
your blender daily, keep it on the counter. If you
use it once a month, put it in the back of a low cabinet.

4. If you don't use it get rid of it. Unless it's a
beautiful decorative item or a cherished memento,
why are you keeping it? Pass it on.

5. Establish a place for everything. Designate a
"home" for every item in YOUR home. Make them
so specific you can find things in the dark.

6. Always put it back where it belongs after you
use it. Teach household members to do the same.

7. Use lists. Make lists of things to do and buy. Keep an
on-going grocery list. Post a current leftovers list on the
fridge door. Use a meals list.

8. Make it easy. Use hooks instead of hangers for kids'
coats. Take the lids off hampers. Preprint a grocery list
so household members can simply circle needed items.

9. Develop systems and routines. Find the most efficient
way to do laundry and stick with it. Use a meal planner
consistently. You'll save time by not having to think about
the details.

Barbara Myers is a professional organizer, speaker and author.
FREE time management tips booklet and meal planner. Visit

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