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Journaling from the Heart: So You Can Be Sure They'll Always Remember Your Love

by Jeanine Byers

mother making a family scrapbook journal with children

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Leave a legacy of love in your scrapbooks.

"Shelly, a Scrap in a Snap consultant, spent as much time on her own albums as on her business. She loved to get right to work on her son's photos when she got them home from being developed. She prided herself at being 'up to date' on her albums.

One special thing that she included in her child's album was handwritten 'love' letters to him from her. She would tell him of the wonderful things he recently discovered, had gotten into and how much she enjoyed watching him learn, grow and discover new things. When this little boy was just 18 months old, Shelly was killed in a tragic car accident.

This toddler won't remember his mother when he grows up. He won't remember her holding him, or rocking him late at night. He won't remember the songs she sang, her soft hair, or the scent of her perfume. Yes, he will someday inherit her jewelry, and perhaps a few other personal things. But nothing will be as special to him as the hand-written letters tucked into his scrapbooks. The albums that she put so much love into will show him how special he is and how much she adored him. No piece of jewelry could do that."

--Scrapshop University

How to Journal from the Heart in Your Scrapbooking...

1) Create a scrapbook for each year and present it on your child's birthday with a love letter included, celebrating the joy you experienced as you watched your child learn and grow.

2) Take pictures of the things your child never sees, like you watching him sleep. Catch yourself bragging about him to someone else and jot down a few of the things you said and include it next to a picture.

3) As you create scrapbooks with pictures of yourself growing up, include journal entries about what your thoughts and feelings and worries were at the time, so your children will come to see you as a real person and so that, you yourself, can honor the person you were.

4) Create a tribute scrapbook for each child, identifying their likes and dislikes, their hobbies and the things about them that you consider special. Tuck in a memory button so they can hear your voice saying, "I love you!"

5) Put together a scrapbook for each child that has pictures of just the two of you together, that celebrates your relationship, and include how you were feeling during each special memory.

Jeanine Byers is a certified healing coach who helps women create sacred space in their homes and in their lives. Visit her website at

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