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World Without Windows
by Creation

World Without Windows cd cover
Kids Creation Music, December 2005
Audio CD

"These kids can rock!" was my immediate reaction when the first song from Creation's debut CD, World Without Windows started streaming from my audio player. I was surprised by the substance of the CD knowing that Creation is comprised of 6 seventh-graders. More...

The Best of Big Kids, Volume One
by Big Kids Productions

The Best of Big Kids Volume One cd cover
Big Kids Productions, September 2005
Audio CD

What do you get when you take the very best songs from the very best children's music artists and put them all together? You get The Best of Big Kids, Volume One, the first compilation CD from Big Kids Productions. More...

Pizza Party
by Laughing Pizza

Pizza Party cd cover
Little Bean Records, June 2004
Audio CD

Do you want to have a great time listening to bubbly pop music with your child without having to worry about unsuitable song lyrics and themes? Well, then it's time for a Pizza Party, the fun and fabulous CD from Laughing Pizza. More...

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