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Share a Smile!
by Laughing Pizza

Share a Smile! dvd cover
Big Kids Productions, September 2005
Rating: Not Rated

Laughing Pizza, a family band consisting of dad Billy, mom Lisa and daughter Emily, delivers family fun in the form of great pop music for children. More...

Meet the Letters / Meet the Numbers
by Preschool Prep

Meet the Letters dvd cover
Preschool Prep, September 2005
DVD, 41 minutes (Letters) / 30 minutes (Numbers)
Rating: Not Rated
ASIN: B000BD68AM (Letters)
           B000BD68BG (Numbers)

Learning letters and numbers is fun with a cast of quirky characters along to help. The latest DVDs from the Preschool Prep Series, Meet the Letters and Meet the Numbers, introduce babies and young children to these important early concepts in a fun and creative way. More...

Table Time
by Holly Beth Moncher

Table Time dvd cover
September 2005
DVD, 30 minutes
Rating: Not Rated

Has the conversation at your dinner table become a repeating chorus of "use your napkin," "don't talk with food in your mouth," or "sit up straight?" You need Table Time, the latest DVD in the Time for Manners series created by etiquette expert and educator Holly Beth Moncher. More...

Stir It Up
by Imagination Movers

Stir It Up dvd cover
Rec Room Records, April 2005
DVD, 40 minutes
Rating: Not Rated

Do you want your children to listen to songs filled with irresistable energy and positive messages that you can enjoy, too? Do you want them to get up and move -- dancing, clapping, hopping, sliding and stomping? Of course you do... More...

Here Come the ABCs
by They Might Be Giants

Here Come the ABCs dvd cover
Disney Sound, February 2005
DVD, 45 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
ASIN: B0007MU1K0

Using one of the freshest approaches to teaching children the alphabet, Here Come the ABCs, a new DVD from the Grammy-winning duo They Might Be Giants, is a sure hit. More...

All About John Deere for Kids Part 1

All About John Deere for Kids Part 1 dvd cover
Consumer Vision, Inc, March 2005
DVD, 40 minutes
Rating: G

Do your children love tractors? Do they get mesmerized watching heavy equipment at work? Do they want to be farmers or bulldozer operators when they grow up? All About John Deere for Kids Part 1 is the perfect DVD for all the tractor-crazy children out there. More...

Dora the Explorer - Dora's Ultimate Adventure Collection

Dora's Ulitmate Adventure collection dvd cover
Paramount Home Video, October 2004
DVD, 291 minutes
Rating: Not Rated

"We did it, we did it, we did it, yea!" Your children will be ready to celebrate when they help Dora and her best friend, Boots, meet exciting challenges and arrive at the varied destinations found in "Dora's Ultimate Adventure Collection." More...

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